It’s been a while since I posted, mainly because the blog I’ve been updating most frequently is The Amperstache. Gotta love those ampersands and mustaches! Anyway, I’m part way through my senior year at Indiana University and in the midst of portfolio updating, freelance, trying to stay motivated in school, and job searching. I recently completed a project in which I revamped my personal identity, including my resume, cover letter, business card, and letterhead. You can see the newly designed me on my portfolio site. Yes, my portfolio site exists but I’m still missing a lot of work that I need to upload and/or photograph. Resume is complete and I’m in the process of applying for jobs (I applied for a graphic design internship with Playboy yesterday…wow).

One of the more exciting projects I’m working on right now are wedding invitations for a friend who is getting married in May. It’s a quick project since the wedding is so soon, but I couldn’t be more excited to do it. I’m finding tons of inspiration online, and am challenging myself to create a product that is beautiful and traditional (bride’s request) but extremely unique. It’s difficult to get away from the tradition of scripty illegible fonts and absurd embellishments, but I’m quite excited to take on the project and rock it. The most inspiring thing I’ve found so far are these Ampersand Inspired Invitations. They are beautiful, typographic (my favorite!), unique, and engaging. Check out one of the pieces below.

So here I sit in the Laughing Planet Cafe, consuming my delicious vegetarian burrito, and deciding which item on my very long to do list to start first. Here we go!