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Dearest people playing volleyball next to the parking lot,
I greatly appreciate all 15 of you watching me intently as I sweat profusely struggling to carry large boxes to my car with weakling arms. It makes me feel special, and not at all uncomfortable. I don’t feel as though you are waiting for me to trip on the sidewalk.


Doesn’t moving out sound awesome?


A week from today I’m moving from my apartment into a house closer to campus with 3 other roommates. I’ve lived in this apartment for two years now, so I’ve managed to accumulate quite a plethora of junk, and lose things amidst the mess. As soon as I started going through rooms, drawers, and dressers I started finding things that fit into one of these categories: no idea how it got there or why/for what purpose, things I saved for some reason and can’t remember why, things I thought I lost/forgot I had, and things that are simply weird.

Here’s the list as of right now, in chronological order of when I found them. As I still have a lot of packing and cleaning to do, I’ll keep updating this post with new and exciting objects.

-burnt out light bulb (being saved for…?)
-Nader/Gonzalez ’08 sticker
-roll of dead 35mm film
-Spiderman coloring book
-light bulb in a sock
-snowman headband (the snowmen stick up like antennae…and have scarves)
-post it note that only says “BAD”
-6 marbles in a paper bag
-crayola animal sticker and coloring book
-saxophone mouthpiece
-Easter decoration: a chick that poops out jelly beans when you push it.
-job applications for Hobby Lobby and Cord Camera that were never turned in.
-picture of me and Brian Urlacher
-quill and ink
-spider ring
-post it with a quote from an old friend, “The subconcious is nothing but vagrancy.”
-post it from when Obama was elected that says “The white house is getting a bikini wax…no more Bush!”
-tennis ball (I do not play tennis, nor do I have a dog)
-3D glasses with bright yellow frames
-2 knee-high argyle socks, paired together but one is forest green and pink, the other is lime green and blue (found under the bed)
-List of quotes from my very eccentric, openly gay, extremely honest liberal professor “James Franco might be my two favorite words”; “This will last about 6 or 7 minutes…which is about right for you guys.”;  re: a gay student: “All he cares about is getting ahead in life…no pun intended”; “So…bigger is better.” ; “That’s deep ass.”
-folder labeled “Indiana University Application.” I wonder if I got in!!
-Small wicker pumpkin basket, given to me by professor mentioned above when he was cleaning out his office.