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I officially became a vegetarian about two years ago; I say “officially,” because my whole life, even as a child, I’ve never been much of a meat-eater. The concept of meat had always made me uncomfortable, and the only way I could eat it was to forget what it was, and the sight and smell of raw meat always made me nauseous. At restaurants I almost always chose a vegetarian meal and I basically refused to eat chicken (for some reason it was the one type of meat that I absolutely couldn’t stand…I still can’t watch my roommates cook it). My first year at college was basically meat-free; I couldn’t bring myself to eat the meat in the food courts on a daily basis, and after that year I couldn’t force myself anymore. It got to a point where I became nauseous after one bite, it was as if my body was physically rejecting it. And bam! I became a vegetarian.

So my original reason for becoming vegetarian was a general dislike of meat, and the concept of eating something that was once alive. As I’ve learned more about the mistreatment of domesticated animals, and the environmental consequences of producing meat, my motivation for being vegetarian has grown to incorporate moral and environmental reasons.

Within the past few years the environmental concerns regarding meat-consumption have been discussed more and more, but it has been hard for me to find information that an average person can understand; many articles I find on the subject talk about chemicals and processes that, as a normal person, I don’t totally comprehend. Today I came across an article that does exactly what I’ve been looking for. It is straightforward, and anyone can understand what it’s trying to say. It’s also the most convincing article I read for vegetarianism as a way to lessen environmental impact. I’ll let it speak for itself.

The article even links to another article about the ADA’s recommendations for a vegetarian diet! As I’m trying to become more and more environmentally-friendly every day, I look for new ways to inspire others to do the same; my vegetarianism is one of the things I’m most passionate about, and because it’s healthy and eco-friendly, it’s something I can teach to others. My carnivorous roommate has even started to eat tofu and other meat-replacements, whereas a year ago she said she “could never eat tofu…ew.”

I’ve been trying to eat one vegan meal each day, because cheese, milk, and other dairy products still do affect the environment. I don’t think I’ll ever be totally vegan, but when I do buy dairy I do my best to make sure it’s from organic farms, where the cows are grass-fed, and not given antibiotics. It’s not too hard to do and I urge others to give it a try.

Choose veggies!


Between now and the end of the Spring semester I have an incredible amount of work to do on school and personal projects, so I figured I might as well document their progress. Here are some of the projects that will prevent me from sleeping for the next 6-7 weeks.

The T(ea) Book
        One of the projects due in 6 weeks for my Book Structures class is a partner project, where each pair comes up with their own book concept and design. My partner, Sara, and I, discovered a shared passion for tea, and are making a tea book. This book will contain tea-related imagery (my strength) and will be printed on fabric (Sara’s strength); the pages will be held together with a length of ribbon with a printed quote. The inside of the book will contain famous quotes about tea paired with the imagery. The box will be a canvas or muslin covered slipcase with a lid, similar to a tea box. We will likely stain the muslin…with tea! Because we our book is so simple, we had trouble coming up with a title, but then landed on the simply typographic letter “T.” It will reflect the simplicity of the pages containing text.

The Word Book
         For the same Book Structures class I mentioned above, we need to complete a final book project on our own. I’ve been having a lot of trouble coming up with ideas, and this particular idea is still a very tentative one. I have favorite words in the way that I have favorite songs; I hear or see them and I’m comforted, I laugh, or am prompted to think. The book idea I’m proposing will be an entire alphabet of my favorite words; my favorite word for each of the 26 letters. The page containing the word will have pronunciation, origin, definition and whatever other information I feel like including. I may also pair the words with sketches, imagery, or illustrations, although the book will be very typographic in nature.

        I have no ideas yet for the cover or binding style, but I might want it to look something like a dictionary (although I don’t want to use leather!) This proposal is still very tentative, and I may change the plan at the last minute like I usually do.

       My favorite word starting with “N” is nostalgia, and the letter “O” is onomatopoeia. Pinning down my favorite words for each letter will be incredibly fun….which is why I might stick with the idea; it will be entertaining!

Green Production Posters
     For my Production Graphic Design class, we have a poster assignment in which we need to conceptualize, research, and design a series of 3 informational posters on some part of production. I decided to incorporate another area of interest of mine, sustainability, and will be going through the steps the designer can take to be more eco-friendly in 3 areas: Prepress/Design, Onpress/Printing, and Post-Production. I’m the only one of my classmates researching this topic, and I’m even more excited about it since more businesses and individuals are now striving to be “green,” and the topic is becoming more prominent in everyday life, including the life of a designer.

     I have about half of my research done and am still in the sketching process. I’m still not sure about imagery/illustration, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon enough.
     Rough thumbnails:

Music Business Cards
     I’m in the process of making music business cards for my Dad, to promote him as a musician for small events, rather than for just executive purposes. These cards will be very simple but dynamic, and clearly emphasize music. I’m still in the sketching process, but I’ll start working on them more as my school projects near completion.
      A few sketches:

And of course, my portfolio website is an ongoing project, although it hasn’t seen any changes in quite some time, especially because I now think it’s boring, want to revamp my logo and my entire website design.

Starting shortly, I’ll be taking on some small design projects for friends that will help them out while helping me build my portfolio.I’m also applying for an internship with Blue Line Style for Little 500. If I get the position, I’ll be one of the photographers documenting the events surrounding Little 500 and the races themselves. I have a meeting on Tuesday to learn more about the internship, so I hope it goes well!